RISIV is a new transnational partnership that aims to provide an innovative model of social inclusion through youth participation in community service through local and structured social impact projects (SIPs).

The RISIV partnership comprises 6 youth-focused organisations as partners from 6 European countries, working together over a 24-month period.

Led by Eurocircle in France, wih partners from Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the UK and Italy. The objective of RISIV is to design, test, validate and produce new guidance and support material for youth workers, youth leaders and young people aged 13-20 to co-produce, implement and evaluate locality-based volunteering projects for social impact.

European policies, local communities, NGOs and youth groups based in those communities share a common goal of the importance of finding new ways to build resilience and foster community cohesion and active citizenship. For those young people living in disadvantaged localities, the negative impact of the financial crisis was two-fold; firstly, their communities were those that most widely bore the brunt of the increases in further deprivation and inequality; and second, as they were approaching and entering the age where they would begin their working lives they became the ‘NEET’ generation left behind by the increase in unemployment.

The years towards 2020 saw those affected communities in Europe begin to benefit as the effects of the recovery slowly ricked down – only now to see those benefits set back by the effects of the globally crisis brought on by Covid-19. Nonetheless there have been many instances of resilience and change as communities have come together to support one another across Europe to tackle this emergency and RISIV aims to capitalize on this spirit.