The RISIV partnership has gathered years of significance experience in the field of youth work and has noticed the positive outcomes of the implementation of social impact projects in local communities. 

 SIPs are one of the best ways for identifying local needs in a community and bring adequate solutions to the population.  RISIV wants to gather young people from a community and make them reflect upon the characteristics of their community. Through dialogue and non-formal educational techniques, we want to make the young people reflect on what troubles their community as well as the improvements that could be achieved while benefiting the biggest number. To understand the needs and the social issues that are more prevalent in a community it is mandatory to install an environment where young people understand the positive impact and the change they can make. RISIV is the opportunity for young people to endorse the role and responsibilities of a Youth Leader through the implementation of a social impact project.  

 The goal of RISIV is to design, test, validate and produce new guidance and support material for youth workers, youth leaders and young people aged 13-17 to co-produce, implement and evaluate locality-based volunteering projects for social impact.  

RISIV is designed and tested with the active involvement of 150 young people and 30 youth workers and trainers as direct participants, whilst reaching many more through its dissemination, impact and legacy activities.  


Its results include a set of Intellectual Outputs: 

  • a pedagogical roadmap study of good practices and development of methodologies in youth team volunteering for social impact 
  • a new curriculum for youth workers on co-production and techniques for young people working in local communities with different actors 
  • guidelines for young people, particularly youth leaders on peer development and the project lifecycle  
  • a digitalized toolkit of open and flexible planning resources  
  • A stakeholder guide for setting up and implementing the RISIV approach in localities with a group of young people.  


 Each of these Intellectual Outputs provides a legacy of learning for wider use in European youth work, drawn directly from the expertise and experience of the participating youth workers, facilitators and young people. 

Specifically, they meet a need to change and improve the situation in each one of the partner’s local/neighborhood in relation to practices, resources and networks to sustain social impact projects. To reach a wider audience, the RISIV project foresees an individual multiplier event in each partner country to culminate a program of dissemination in which the young people will be active participants, promoting the project and its outcomes to their peers.