Eurocircle is a youth organization based in Marseille and focused on European and intercultural dimensions. The non-profit has gathered more than 20 years of experience in learning mobilities, inclusion, active citizenship, diversity project. Eurocircle works directly with young people from various backgrounds, local youth organizations as well as youth workers and is very active in the field of youth mobility.  

¬†One of our objectives is to give to both young people of the Provence-Alpes-C√īte d‚ÄôAzur (PACA) region and professionals working with young people, access to European mobility and non-formal education in order to facilitate their socio-professional integration.¬†

¬†Moreover, EUROCIRCLE has been¬†endeavoring¬†to support project managers in their implementation of a European approach by initiating European partnerships in order to set up¬†transnational projects.¬†Eurocircle¬†operates as an applicant or partner in different projects such as European programs¬†like:¬†Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, Asylum – Migration –¬†Integration Funds, Creative Europe,¬†Cosme. We develop and collaborate as well in innovative and experimental programs corresponding to the: Social European Fund and the Fund¬†for Experimental Youth Projects.

ūüá¨ūüá߬†¬† UNITED KINGDOM¬†

 Founded in 2010, Rinova is a social enterprise member of the UK Employee Ownership Association, approved for the UK Education and Skills Funding Agency Register of Approved Training Organisations, and the UK Register of Learning Providers.  

Rinova employs some 30 staff and associate trainers, coaches and advisers operating in London, the UK and internationally for over 35 years. 

Rinova is a training, development and management company closely working with its partners on the design, delivery and improvement of services in the areas: Employment; Skills and Learning; Arts, Culture and the Creative Industries; Entrepreneurship and Social Action. 

Rinova’s¬†work places an emphasis in social innovation ‚Äď to promote cultural, economic, social and educational inclusion,¬†specialising¬†in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of economic, cultural and social development¬†programmes¬†in the areas of lifelong learning (VET, adult and community education), cultural¬†inclusion ,¬†employability and entrepreneurship.¬†Rinova¬†has participated in more than 50 transnational partnerships and¬†programmes. It has a satellite office in Malaga, Spain and is active in EU¬†programmes, including Erasmus+, COSME, REC and Interreg.¬†¬†¬†


Since 2014 Rinova has continuously been one of the few UK intermediary organizations for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the COSME cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses. Now running to 2023 it is part of the Mobilitas partnership, which is the highest performing in Europe. Rinova is also accredited with the Quality Label for the European Solidarity Corps and in the UK is accredited for the National Citizen Service programme (16-17 year old residential programmes). Since 2015 it is a member of Metropolisnet, an EEIG of major cities in Europe that promotes good practice to tackle urban deprivation.  


ūüá®ūüáĺ ¬†¬†CYPRUS¬†

“Hope¬†For¬†Children” CRC Policy Center (HFC) is an International, Humanitarian and Independent Institution, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, founded on the principle of promoting and protecting the rights of children, on the standards of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and European Union Law.¬†¬†
HFC focuses on prioritizing children’s well-being and education and takes measures for the prevention of any kind of violence against children as well as providing psychological and legal support.¬†¬†
HFC also focuses on the implementation of European funded programs that involve research, capacity building for professionals and policy making on issues pertaining children’s rights.‚ÄĮ¬†¬†



 CIOFS-FP is a non-profit association established by C.I.O.F.S. in 1986. It provides the following training services: initial, higher, continuous, permanent, alternating training and guidance. In particular, it deals with support in training courses and support in the active search for employment. It offers services to the local communities and businesses, consultancy in the analysis of training needs and support for new forms of entrepreneurship. It works with other non-profit vocational training organizations, social entities, public institutions and business associations.  



 DYPALL Network (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level) is a European platform of over 60 civil society organizations and local authorities from more than 30 countries, that aims to involve young people in decision-making processes at local level, and thus enable municipal and regional authorities to address the needs and interests of youth, engage young people as active actors of problem-solving and increase the level of ownership, commitment and involvement of an important part of our communities.




Neo Sapiens is a European mobility and training company which main aim is the design, management and implementation of educational, training, entertainment, culture and transnational mobility projects and local initiatives to promote training opportunities on non-formal education and interculturality.  
From the training¬†center¬†and central office of the entity in¬†Logro√Īo¬†(capital city of La Rioja), Neo Sapiens offers consulting services focused on implementing this kind of activities and the development of pedagogic and learning materials related to them.¬†¬†