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The pedagogy roadmap

Finalization ot Risiv output

RISIV was launched recently, however, these last months have been extremely enriching for the partnership because we have managed to meet up in person and work together to define the key principles that will lead our path for the creation of the next outputs.
Every partner has conducted a variety of interviews and focus groups in their countries with their corresponding target groups.
Concretely, we have reached around 22 young people, who have shared with us their perceptions about SIPs and they have contributed to determine which competencies and skills they would like to develop as many of them are potential youth workers. Moreover, we have interviewed 24 professionals, who have implemented their own Social Impact Projects, and they have helped us to determine the specific characteristics of these collaborative efforts. SIPs are well-structured projects, in which learning objectives and outcomes are defined in a flexible way to ensure that bilateral learning processes and personal growth take place.

It is important that you are willing to work on the creation of spaces for dialogues and for action in your local community. You should be able to identify which challenges and opportunities exist in your field of action because awareness about social issues is the first step to promote change Keep updated! The curriculum for Youth Workers will be our next output for you!

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